Kővirág – Étel, Ital, Ágy

Kata Zakar and György Mészáros both spent many holidays in the Balaton Uplands as children. After a while, they realized that leaving this wonderful region behind was impossible.
They bought Kővirág in 2003 and took over the place in 2007. At first, Kata herself cooked for the guests. From the start, Kővirág has embodied “home”, both in flavours and in terms of ambience. Continuity here walks hand-in-hand with constant evolution. Their guiding principles since opening have been seasonality and regionality. Kővirág strives to give everyone who enters some of the essence of Kali Basin. Always adapted to the season, the menu is refreshed every week. The restaurant has been awarded a Michelin Plate.


Workshop, Lunch



Table laying workshop and brunch


Lunch, Exhibition



Art gallery visit with champagne hosted by Oliver Sax